"We can and must do better as a society, so that others do not fall victim to the same tragedy of a system that ignores or treats differently those that are its most vulnerable."


Thousands of Canadian women have been murdered over the last four decades, and hundreds, if not thousands, more are missing. According to statistics compiled from non-profit organizations, the number of missing and murdered women is as high as 4,200, with a disproportionately large percentage of Aboriginal women presented - a grossly disproportionate number of crimes, too many of which have gone unanswered. Both Amnesty International and the United Nations have called upon the Harper government to take action on this issue, without success.
The cycle of violence will continue to claim more lives and irreparably harm all facets of Canadians families every month.
Addressing the issue of violence requires that the factors causing it are correctly identified, and that those individuals, process and policies responsible for maintaining the status quo - and the subsequent harms to Aboriginal women and girls are remedied. Recommendations and ACTION for change are needed to increase the safety of women and girls in all walks of life across Canada.